Best Palladium Hiking Boots 2021

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When you are hiking, you need sturdy boots that have good rubber soles that have traction. It is highly recommended that your boots are water-proof too because you might be trekking through mud and wet places.

Here are the top recommendations. They are affordable, will keep your feet dry, and are easy to clean afterward.

Hiking Boots For Men:

Comparison Chart

Palladium Men’s Pampa Sport Cuff Wpn Rain Boot, Fallen Rock/Bungee Cord, 9 M US
41c54zs5Q L
Palladium Men’s Pampa Cuff Wp Lux Rain Boot, Chocolate, 5 M US
Palladium Men’s Pampa Cuff Wp Lux Rain Boot, Sunrise/Carafe, 5 M US
Palladium Men’s Pampa Hi Canvas Boot,Stonewash Metal,7.5 M US

TOP CHOICE: Army Green


Purchasers say that these boots are perfect for rain, snow, and muddy roads as it is waterproof. “Light like a sneaker but the fit and durability of a boot. I’ve stood in creeks up to the top of the laces and come out dry as a bone.” writes one reviewer, who’s one of many other happy customers.


Nobody would argue with the fact that hiking boots made from quality leather are tougher and more durable. Because they have a rubber sole, you will feel much more comfortable and light.

Most hiking boots feel heavier as they’re made of leather, however, Palladium Men’s Pampa Sport Cuff Wpn Rain Boot is actually more lightweight than you would imagine.

From the color to the style and design this is our top pick. It will keep your feet dry and the strong laces will keep you sturdy and comfortable during your hiking trek. It is no doubt that this pair of Army Green Palladium Rain boots are the go-to option for waterproof boots.

Earthy Brown

41c54zs5Q L

Palladium Men’s Pampa Cuff Wp Lux Rain Boots are made exceptionally good regarding the materials and style. Waterproof oiled nubuck leather and waterproof stitching thread for upper will make sure that your feet are dry as you hike through wet and muddy roads.


You will feel comfortable and lightweight because they’re made of a one-piece molded rubber outsole with EVA sponge filler for a cushioned step. Moreover, two-piece construction; a hugging heel cup, and a thick die-cut EVA footbed promises improved comfort.

Click to see other colors, sizes, and options. These boots have a wide variety of choices that might suit your personal needs.

The design and build are not too different from our first choice, so you can’t go wrong with these… You just have other colors and designs to choose from.

Rugged Lumberjack Look


They offer the same advantages as we mentioned in our previous recommendations except for the color difference. The Sunrise/Carafe color is a super popular option among hikers this year. Because the Sunrise color gets along well with any type of outfit, and why not look good when hiking?


If you prefer a rugged manly look, try these on. The style and color are more masculine and clean. If you have a cabin in the woods, then these are perfect for you!

Going Back To The Originals


You can’t go wrong with the originals. They’ve served me quite well when I used to wear them. However, these are only recommended for dry hills and hiking adventures that don’t involve water since these are not water-resistant and can get wet easily.


They are way more breathable, lightweight, and yet durable as the material is 100% cotton canvas. Built with a rubber sole which lasts years on the toughest of terrain, they are extra convenient and reliable.

Hiking Boots For Women:

Comparison Chart

Palladium Women’s 76009-339-M, Olive Night/MNBM, 8
Palladium Black Pampa Sport Cuff Wpn Boots-UK 6
Palladium Women’s Pampa Hi Canvas Boots, Black/Black, 5.5

TOP CHOICE: Olive Green


With this pair of hiking boots, you can trust to stand up to any trail conditions. Being made from upper boasts coated twill in 63% cotton, 37% nylon on vamp and quarters, and a rubber heel, they will promise you comfort and reliability.


There aren’t many options for women hikers, however, your best bet for a better selection of sizes are these boots. Thanks to the beautiful color and style, you can pretty much wear them with anything. They will keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable on your trek.

More Functional Choices


If you don’t like the first pair, try these. There is a better selection of color and style, but the sizes are limited, unfortunately.


Not only do these boots have a ton of positive reviews, but they also give out the “cool vibe” as women love to wear them. Perfect for everyday wear and your hiking journey.

I own multiple black boots because they go well with any type of outfit for any season. In other words, you can’t go wrong with the color black.

Retain Your Femininity


If you still want to retain your feminine charm, try these colors. These are functional as well, so it’s not just about looks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding palladium boots that are suitable for hiking.

Can Palladium Boots Be Used For Hiking?

Yes, they can be used for hiking. The soles are sturdy, thick and shock absorbent, and the material is light-weight, which is perfect for climbing jagged rocks.

Canvas based Palladium boots can be annoying to clean if you get them dirty, so we suggest military style or leather material Palladiums.

Canvas vs Waterproof, Which To Get?

Waterproof Palladium boots are heavier and bulkier compared with canvas. Your feet can get sweaty, but on the bright side, you won’t get your feet wet and the boots are easier to clean.

You should get the leather and waterproof Palladiums if you will be hiking mountains and hills with rivers, and places that are wet.

Otherwise, for walking, trekking the countryside, and dry climates, the canvas Palladiums are recommended for keeping your feet cool and without sweat.

What Color To Choose?

This mainly comes down to your personal preference, but if you are playing paintball or need to be camouflaged or want the army look, go with olive green, earthy and warm colors.

Are Palladium Boots Good For Hiking?

As someone who loves the Palladium brand, I can attest they are good for hiking. However, I would say that getting the sizing and snug fit is very important, otherwise, when you are hiking it doesn’t feel comfortable when your feet are moving around the shoe.

Read: How accurate are Palladium boots sizing.

Why Buy Palladiums for Hiking?

Things To Keep in Mind:

  • Snug fit
  • Get soles
  • Needs to be ankle high
  • Strong shoelaces
  • Appropriate socks
  • Waterproof material

Getting A Snug Fit

Usually people don’t know their true shoe size. Most people buy a size or half bigger. When you are hiking it is important to feel as if the shoe is an extension of yourself. It allows for better mobility and navigation in tough terrain.

If for whatever reason you bought slightly larger size, you can get one of these insoles that help with maintaining traction within the inside of your shoe.

Getting good insoles

Rubber outsole should be standard for hiking outings. It helps to keep your feet dry and maintain traction on surfaces.

Luckily a lot of Palladium hiking boots are made with rubber soles along with a design that helps you maintain your footing on different kinds of surfaces.

Get Ankle High Palladiums

The reason why you need ankle high Palladium boots is to get a better mobility and comfort. Low ankle Palladiums are not best suited for hiking on tough terrains and you could get a lot of debris, pebbles, and water inside the shoe.

Strong Shoelaces

I used to hike with ankle high canvas Palladiums, and as much as I love the Palladiums, one of the shortcomings is their shoelaces. It can wear and tear more easily, so I recommend getting shoelaces that are made out of stronger materials.

Material such as cotton, polyester seem to be a better fit. Try one of these durable shoelaces.

Appropriate Socks

Depending where you will be hiking in what kind of weather conditions this will vary.

In humid climate

You need something with lower thread count, but a durable material. You feet need to breathe and let out moisture.

In hot climate

You could get lower thread count, but sports socks can be a good fit as it is designed for maintaining regular feet temperatures.

In cold climate

Obviously something that is on the thicker side, but in mild weather, sports socks can also work.

Waterproof material

It is highly recommended that you get waterproof Palladium boots that are made out of waterproof leather or ballistic.

Materials such as canvas soak easily and cleaning dirt, gunk, etc from canvas is a tricky process.

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