Best Palladium Boots for Men & Women

Whether you are exploring the hills, meeting the date of your life, or, discovering new places, boots are a one-stop solution for every moment. And when it comes to rugged boots, you can’t go wrong with Palladium.

These boots are tough as nails, perfect for exploration and come with the thumbs up from volcanic explorers and the French Foreign Legion.

The classical Palladium offers you durability, affordability and the urban style quotient all in one place. These are boots meant for men not satisfied with the ordinary.

So, tie your shoelaces through the reviews of some of the new collection they’re offering.

Comparison Chart

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Palladium Men’s Pampa Hi Originale Chukka Boot,Butternut/Tarmac,10 M US
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Palladium Men’s Pampa Hi Canvas Boot,Stonewash Metal,10 M US
41u4NahfsZL. SL160
Palladium Men’s Baggy Army Trng Camp Chukka Boot, French Metal/Forged Iron, 3.5 M US
313cI87QXlL. SL160
Palladium Men’s Pampa Cuff Wp Lux Rain Boot
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Palladium Boots Pampa Sport Cuff WPN Waterproof Boots
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Palladium Pampa Cuff WP Lux Sunrise/Carafe Men’s 14 Medium
41n5Z1JtZBL. SL160
Palladium Pampa Sport Cuff Mens Forged Iron Waterproof Boots-UK 9 / EU 43
41v6+CGEdkL. SL160
Palladium Pampa Hi Originale White/White Men’s 6, Women’s 7.5 Medium
412nhG7JlFL. SL160
Palladium Men’s Pampa Hi Originale Chukka Boot,Sahara,8.5 M US

Most Affordable


Aesthetic and durable, this is a modern twist on the original Palladiums worn by the vets in ‘Nam. Perfect for your summer exploration, these boots are rubber soled and comfortable to boot!

Get yourself one piece of history and durability for your outdoor travels. The special insole would keep you steady through your long treks and adventures.

Weighing only 1.6 ounces, these are lightweight and barely show any wear and tear no matter how much you decide to work. Plus, they are easy to clean out and dry quickly too.

With ankle support and rubber insoles, this is comfort you can swear off of. This plus, the fact that they may be the only pair you will need for the next decade means you cannot afford to miss these while, they’re at the stores.


Don’t be fooled by the good looks; these are a variation of the boots the French Foreign Legion wore. Rugged and made for the people who stray far from the concrete roads, these boots resist all wear and tear.

Like all Palladium boots they are easy to clean, and unlike the original, these boots are breathing too. So, forget the stinky shoe woes, and make yourself comfortable.

No matter how tropical you travel or how many fields you would tread, the re-enforced toes and protective canvas would take you through all these without a creak.

A bit heavy, the canvas offers the feels of wearing that classic army boot that you so desire, married with modern notions of comfort.

So, be an explorer for yourself and get these as your camping shoes.


You can wear these boots in five ways! Wear the flap all the way up, or just halfway, or simply buckle it up to suit your needs for the day. Perfectly rugged looking and made with sturdy canvas, these are fashion boots made for the outdoor.

Coming in at 1.6 ounces, these boots are lightweight and wearable in the summers, with a breathing canvas as the build material. The rubber soles provide insulation to every terrain. Also, the heightened feeling means you feel powerful every time you walk out into the world.

Meant for kicking and booting, you might use these for your off-track trek through the desert or jungle for explorations. However, these also offer a valuable trade-off in the urban look, being perfect with your denim bottoms.

All this and the fact that these come with the Palladium guarantee of durability means you will scarcely be looking for another boot this summer.

Most Durable Palladiums


These waterproof boots are perfect for the rainy days. The long shaft and the reinforced toe mean they claim their ruggedness in style.

Great as work boots and with the comfort that only a Palladium rubber soled boot can provide you. These boots would make you buy more of them because of their comfort and looks.

Work the treadmills or get into cross country training with fashion boots that make you feel like you’re sturdier than everyone around. They’re great for mountain hikes because of being resistant to any wear and tear obstacles you would push against them.

Remember, these are the same boots the armymen wore to their victories, so put the military stride onto your feet. With its durability, you would not need books for decades ahead. Greet the people with your new way of carrying yourself because of their stylishness.


The rain-resistant fabric stitched fabric is a solution to all your water woes. Wear these boots customized for the outdoor onto your hike into the swamps. The reinforced rubber soles would mean that you will never be lacking for comfort even if you have been walking for an hour or ten!

No matter whether you are hiking in Scotland or exploring the Amazon basin, these boots are made for all sorts of terrains. There are special reinforcements, meaning your heels would be rested, and comfortable all through.

The worst that can happen in the rain is the water seeping in through your toe areas, with reinforced waterproof toes you can say goodbye to the woes. This plus the fact that these double up as wonderful fashion boots means you wouldn’t want to wear anything else for rain.

Like almost all other Palladiums, these are boots which do not wear or tear no matter how much punishment they go through.

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Your favorite military boots are back! These boots come with the original gusseted tongues which save you from incoming water and dirt. Incredibly resistant to rocky hairs, these are perfect for any rainy treks you might end up going to.

You could work in these boots for 16 hours and feel comfortable! Though they look heavy, these boots are incredibly light for their massive size. Pair off with thick socks for the sake of warm insulation in your rainy weather escapades.

Palladium’s Pampa line has been known for being military in their style and usability. Get yourself some exercise with insulated rubber soles which provide you optimum comfort. These boots are made for the outdoorsy youth who wishes to travel and get acquainted with nature. The midsole is textured rubber, offering you that extra grip and insulation for all of your needs.

Most Stylish


Made for winters, the cuffs are specifically designed to keep you warm. The insulation offered through the rubbered soles means you would not feel the snow under your feet when you are working.

These boots have perfect balance and look like they belong at the grunge musical concert you always wanted to go to. Little know fact? Palladium was the wear of choice for the original grunge rockers back in the day.

The rugged looks of these boots get better with every desert you pass. The top becomes settled as you walk through your show of Burning Man. Remember Palladiums never melt no matter how harsh the summer.

With this style quotient which army personnel also swear by, you would never want anything else for your journeys off the beaten track.


The perfect fashion boots for the outdoor individual, these leather boots are great for the go-getters of the world. Made so that they do not wear out even after decades of use, these are military-style boots that have never gone out of style.

These are meant for warmth, and with a wide toe box, you will have all the comfort and space you need. Don’t be fooled by the converse looks, these are military boots meant for the most individual of men, and with rubber insulation, these men would never have to swear off working long days ever again.

You could wear these to your college parties and your outdoor hikes, so you would never have to ever fall out of fashion no matter what you do. With the Palladium durability and the looks of the modern man, you may only have to buy one boot for all the seasons there are.


Ever wanted to worn converse sneakers but, were turned off by their thin builds? Palladium’s low cut boots may be your answer. Constructed with the Palladium durability and made to finish so as to resemble your favorite types of shoes, these are the shoes made to be owned.

Perfectly rubber insulated, and warm, these offer you space to wiggle your toes and make you comfortable enough to walk anywhere. Don’t believe me? Trust the thousands of military men who have chosen Palladium for their travels.

These boots have a comfortable interior, making every one of your steps feel lighter. While the shoes themselves are heavy for converse type sneakers, the comfort and the durability factor more than makes up for it. The whole, look offers it a unique standing and is sure to earn you compliments too.

Made for the youth, the urban travel shoes are a steal deal when compared with the prize they come at.

So, which one do you choose?

So, do not worry, whether you want durability, affordability or style, Palladium is here to provide you with comfortable margins in all of these compartments. You could wear these shoes anywhere and enjoy yourself while at it too. Then, why sit there? Get yourself some boots and get to exploring the world.

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