Where to buy Palladium boots?

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Are you looking to buy Palladium boots? There are many different brands that you can choose from when it comes to shoes and boots, but if you are looking for a cross breed between functionality, looks, and durability, then Palladium boots are the top choice!

I’ve been a fan of the Palladium brand for a long time, and a simple Canvas Palladiums lasted more than 3 years, and this is with everyday wear in tough terrain and environment. The expensive ones will perhaps last you even longer time.

Where you can buy them


The best source for everything is obviously their own brand and website. They ship internationally to many different countries such as U.S, Canada, most of Europe, and Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines in Asia, and lastly South Africa.

If you live outside those zones, then maybe you can try:


Depending on the seller, they might ship to countries that are not listed on their website.

Or if you want to be niche specific:


Might also serve as a good resource for different styles and designs that could be shipped to other countries.

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Where to find Palladium Boots if they don’t sell in your country?

You can search online and perhaps find one in your local market through resellers, but if you have no other option, then here are some tips.

Contact A Relative

If you have relatives or friends who live in any of the countries above, then you can order to their address and have them ship them to you.

Contact a Shipping Company

There are many shipping companies that could help you order one from either of those countries and ship them to you at a premium rate. It just will cost you a bit more to ship them.

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