Why you should buy a pair of Palladium Boots

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Why should you buy Palladium boots? Because they are awesome! Not convinced? Let me break it down:

-They are durable. If you choose the right shoe for the right terrain, Palladiums will last for longer than other low-price boots. The original Palladium boot was made from canvas and rubber for the French Foreign Legion. The military style boots were made for walking, crawling, bushwhacking, you name it. Although the modern boot is made overseas, Palladium has made a point of keeping true to the heritage style and design for military boots.

The durability of the canvas and rubber boot is increased by the rubber toe cap that protects the shoe from wear and tear. For the most durable of the Palladium boots, I recommend the  full grain leather: “Baggy Leather Boot” from Amazon. Full grain leather is premium quality and has not been sanded down, making it the perfect option for someone using it for heavy duty wear and tear. Full grain leather will be hard to break in at first, but once you do the leather will last you indefinitely with the right care. You may have to replace the rubber sole of the boot every 2-4 years with everyday use, like other boots. I personally prefer 100% premium leather for my everyday walking shoes because they are way more durable than your average fashion pleathers, which only last 3-6 months before they are torn to bits. If you need a work boot without a steel toe or just need a boot that can take a heavy beating and live, then buy the Baggy Leather Palladium.

-They can be waterproofed

The second most durable Palladium is the Palladium Men’s Pampa Cuff Lux Waterproof Boot from Amazon. The waterproof boot comes in nubuck leather which has been sanded, making it a high quality leather and softer than the full grain version. 100% real leather that is waterproofed will always hold up better than canvas if you are using them in very wet conditions or slogging through the mud.

Some reviewers have said that the boots were completely waterproof through snow right out of the box. Others have said that they stepped in puddles and some water seemed to get in near the toe and heel. I recommend inspecting your boot upon arrival, and giving the boots another layer of leather-friendly waterproofer if you plan to jump puddles. Whether you prefer to use beeswax or some good old aerosol waterproof spray, make sure you reseal your boots as needed according to the directions on the bottle. 

-The price is right. Good quality for price

-The explorer heritage is super cool 

-The company cares about ethical labor

-Palladium cares about the environment. 

-Palladium has animal free options

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